EasyTerm FW changelog

Version 2.1.0 (24.06.2024) - Current

  • Add image widget. Upload possible via CmdBuilder
  • Add possibility to overlay graphics and image widgets by other widgets
  • Add new parameters to SYS command: DisableRepliesViaUart, DisableRepliesViaVcp and DisableCommMirror
  • Improve WIFI module autoinitialization
API changes
  • Actions that are not valid commands (generic text) are sent to master without automatic CRLF termination - append '\r\n' to action if needed from now on
  • Reduced sleep->active transition duration
  • Fix touch panel intialization causing problems in one case
  • Fix value parsing when parseMask has multiple '%' characters
  • Improved RTC calendar access that may caused incorrect readings

Version 2.0.2 (5.12.2023)

  • ---
API changes
  • ---
  • Fix of RTC synchronization taking too long in some cases
  • Add compability layer for new WIFI module
  • WIFI sleep time can be configured by assigning value to sleep parameter

Version 2.0.1 (1.11.2023)

  • ---
API changes
  • ---
  • Fix bug when GUI widget is replaced causing visual artefacts when its screen page is re-rendered
  • Fix unhandled defaultVoutState configuration
  • Fix date parsing
  • Improved RTC calendar access that may caused incorrect readings

Version 2.0.0 (5.10.2023)

  • Add WIFI module support with related commands
  • Add remote control capability over WIFI
  • Add MODBUS RTU support with related commands
  • Add ActionOnParse command that will extract message section and perform configurable action with this section
  • Add posibility to use interface UART pins as HOST UART with UseAlternateHostUart parameter (as HOST UART may be occupied with WIFI module)
  • Command filling is now also possible for multi-action buttons (those invoking list for user to select action)
  • Add command echoing to master when command was executed internally (via widget, timer etc...) - can be disabled by DisableInternalCommandEchoing parameter
API changes
  • Quotes that are not the beginning or the end of command parameter body must be escaped by '\' from now
  • Various bugfixes (LogWin, screen manager, memory management, HMI widget removal, parsing, PWM...)

Version 1.3.0 (06.04.2023)

  • Button, checkbox and form widgets can have multi-line labels from now (by using '\n' characters)
  • Add LineSpacing parameter to all widgets having multi-line capability
  • Add ParseMask to slider widget (another synchronization feature)
  • Increased maximum length of text parameters (button, text and form widgets)
  • Add Wait system command
  • Add ContinueOnActionError system parameter
API changes
  • Slider TrackColor parameter renamed to OutlineColor
  • Removed multiline parameter from text widget (it is multiline always when '\n' characters are present)
  • (Add new parameters - see Features)
  • Bugfixes related to parsing both commands and strings via parse-mask
  • Fix expression-based ReadFormat evaluation (interfaces)
  • Fix multi-action button rendering

Version 1.2.1 (27.02.2023)

  • Fix invalid HOST UART and interface UART baud-rate reconfiguration
  • Print only validly received words from UART interface when receive timeout has expired before all requested words were received
  • Allow special character transmission when transmitting in ASCII mode via UART interface TX or TXRX operations

Version 1.2.0 (16.02.2023)

  • Add command request ID marking feature (for request-reply pairing)
  • Add expression based ReadForm for interfaces with labels to ease parsing
  • Add longer time-bases for plots and improve time-base value display format (ms/s/m)
  • Add float parsing with adjustable precision via usage of %f or %.nF mark in ParseMask parameter
  • Add possibility to change form value via command (it was possible only via parsing)
API changes
  • Multi-action (multi-text) button list of actions and texts are now separated by '|' instead of '/'
  • Interfaces "ReadFormat" must be enclosed in quotation marks
  • "Initialized" parameter changed to "Init"
  • Modified UART interface TXRX operation (differs from SPI TXRX) - see manual
  • Fix error reporting to prevent overflows
  • Fix multi-action button text rendering to prevent sreen overflow for too large texts
  • Prevent displaying outdated form values when layout was loaded
  • Recover slider position to initial value when layout was loaded
  • Fix float rendering

Version 1.1.1 (05.01.2023)

  • Fix command parsing when LF is used as command termination method

Version 1.1.0 (18.11.2022)

  • Add I2C address scan feature (whole 7-bit address range)
  • Add possibility to intialize intefaces via single alias command (e.g. SPI i=1) - GPIOs will be reconfigured implicitly this way
  • Add automatic dimension calculation for forms, buttons and checkboxes when dimensions (width/height) were not specified explicitly (it is calculated depending on text length, font, design etc...)
  • Add periodic overcurrent check for VOUT domain with automatic VOUT disabling and error reporting
  • Add smoother LCD backlight activation
  • Prevent form to parse its own display command string
  • Fix incorrect form rendering for specific form types
  • Fix SPI read data printout for not-so typical word lengths
  • Fix UART transmission in specific parity and word length combinations
  • Fix USB TX FIFO overwritting
  • Landscape orientation fixes

Version 1.0.1 (9.9.2022)

  • Fix of USB transmission buffer handling causing occasional TX data corruption
  • Improvement of ADC auto-calibration routine to get more consistent conversions when ADC offset drift is near to the middle of two calibration factors

Version 1.0.0 (29.8.2022)

  • Add offset parameter for DAC pattern generator
  • Add square waveform to DAC pattern generator
  • ParseReplies system parameter renamed to ParseRepliesDisable and is 0 by default(replies are parsed)
  • Add multi-action (i.e user selectable action) possibility to button widget with multi-label possibility. See manual.
  • Add 10b addressing feature to I2C interface
  • Add different bit order (LSb first) feature to SPI interface
  • Adjusted DAC interface API
  • Do not execute next command when previous has failed (e.g. button actions separated by '+')
  • Do not change checkbox state when its action on tick or untick has failed.
  • Add missing CRLF to several replies
  • Fix replies compositing in few cases to be parseable by forms
  • Fix screen artifacts issue when object removal (e.g. clearScreenPage) was not finished and new objects are beign inserted
  • Fix STOPLOG and CLEARLOG commands
  • Fix ADC and GPIO interface parameter re-init
  • Fix ADC locking-up when continuous conversion is interrupted by one-shot

Version 0.91 (16.7.2022)

  • Add text widget line decoration feature (underline, line, overline)
  • Add text parameter to checkbox widget for labeling purposes with different positioning possibilities
  • Add checkbox background color and checkbox width parameters to be able to get more modern-looking checkbox design (see manual)
  • Add %_ mark for keypad filling feature. It will be filled by a previously filled mark. This allows a user to set multiple parameters to the same value (e.g. to fill some value via keypad and automatically edit slider widget at the same time so it will be readjusted to the same value when it is also used as input method for the same value).
  • Allow a checkbox to redefine its state (e.g. there can be a group of checkboxes with one checkbox that is untickable by itself (aka "default" value checkbox))
  • PWM bugfixes and improvements
  • Text widget bugfixes and improvements

Version 0.90 (23.6.2022)

Initial version