EasyTerm manual changelog

Version 2.1.0 (24.06.2024) - Current

  • Add image widget chapter
  • Add hardware ver.1.1 description, images and specifications
  • Add new WIFI module description
  • Add DisableRepliesToUart, DisableRepliesToUsb and DisableCommMirror parameters to system command
  • Add important usage tips to Quick Start chapter

Version 2.0.1 (4.12.2023)

  • Add missing WIFI commands
  • Improvements/additions to WIFI module description chapter
  • Add factory reset procedure to buttons description in “Hardware description” chapter

Version 2.0.0 (2.10.2023)

  • Add WIFI chapter with related commands and remote control description
  • Add MODBUS chapter with related commands
  • Add ActionOnParse command for extracting messages content and executing configured action with it
  • Add DisableInternalCommandEchoing and UseAlternateHostUart parameters to SYStem command.
  • Add notes that quotes that are not the beginning or the end of command parameter body must be escaped by '\'
  • Corrections

Version 1.3.0 (06.04.2023)

  • Add ParseMask parameter to slider to readjust it automatically when message is parsed on some value
  • Button, checkbox and form label text can be multi-line using ‘\n’ (same as text widget)
  • Add LineSpacing parameter to all widgets with multi-line capability
  • Add ContinueOnActionError system command that allows to continue processing of multi-command actions when previous command has failed (action parameter of buttons, sliders, checkboxes, trigger or timer)
  • Add Wait system command to delay EasyTerm from processing other commands in a blocking manner
  • Slider TrackColor parameter renamed to OutlineColor
  • Removed multiline parameter from text widget as it is always multi-line when ‘\n’ characters are used
  • Add Quick start chapter

Version 1.2.0 (08.02.2023)

  • Add expression-based read format for interfaces
  • Add list of error messages with tips and descriptions
  • Changed UART txrx functionality and improved descriptions on UART transactions.
  • Add form float parse mask with configurable precision
  • Add description of command/reply pairing option
  • Initialized changed to Init
  • Comm. interfaces ReadFormat must be enclosed in quotation marks from now

Version 1.1.0 (25.11.2022)

  • Add initialized parameter to several interfaces
  • Add I2C scan features
  • Fixed descriptions – SPI and UART transaction sizes are in words not bytes (as transaction can have more than 8 bits)
  • Fixed default width/heights descriptions for widgets where automatic dimension calculation applies
  • Add TextMargin parameter to checkbox

Version 1.0.2 (29.8.2022)

  • Add description for multi-action feature for button widget (action selectable by user) with multi-label possibility.
  • Update DAC interface API.
  • Add 10b addressing parameter to I2C.
  • Add different bit order feature to SPI (LSb first).
  • Improvements, fixes

Version 1.0.1i (16.7.2022)

  • Add chapter describing update procedure of FW via USB using STM32CubeProgrammer app
  • Add description of checkbox labeling feature (text and textOrigin parameters)
  • Add description of different checkbox styling possibilities with examples and new backgroundColor and checkboxWidth parameter)
  • Add description of text line decoration feature (lineDecoration, lineDecorationColor and lineDecorationThickness parameters)
  • Improvements, fixes
  • PWM bugfixes and improvements
  • Text widget bugfixes and improvements

Version 1.0.0i (23.6.2022)

Initial non-public release