EasyTerm FW
Current version 1.2.1 (27.02.2023)

Changes from previous version:
  • Fix invalid HOST UART and interface UART baud-rate reconfiguration
  • Print only validly received words from UART interface when receive timeout has expired before all requested words were received
  • Allow special character transmission when transmitting in ASCII mode via UART interface TX or TXRX operations

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EasyTerm manual
Current version 1.2.0 (13.02.2023)

Changes from previous version:
  • Add expression-based read format for interfaces
  • Add list of error messages with tips and descriptions
  • Changed UART txrx functionality and improved descriptions on UART transactions
  • Add form float parse mask with configurable precision
  • Add description of command/reply pairing option
  • Initialized changed to Init
  • Comm. interfaces ReadFormat must be enclosed in quotation marks from now
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Current version 1.2.0 (20.02.2022)

Changes from previous version:
  • Adjusted API to be compatible with FW version >= 1.2.0
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Changes from previous version:
- (Initial version)

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Example layouts
API compatible with FW version >= 1.2.0